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Mozzle Link Popularity checker [also integrated in Mozzle Domain Name Pro] can check the number of web pages that link to your web site (link popularity) in 8 major search engines such as Google, Altavista, AllTheWeb, MSN and more, check for inclusion in the Yahoo and DMOZ web directories, and retrieve the Alexa traffic rank.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Many major search engines incorporate web site link popularity into their search engine ranking. Web sites with high link popularity are more likely to appear in the search engine results and/or more likely to appear in the top listed websites.

By using Mozzle Link Popularity checker you can quickly determine which of your competitors web sites have a higher link popularity than your own web site. With that information you can then seek links from the same web sites that give your competitors their high link popularity. These web sites are often impartial directories or review sites that would welcome information about your own site.

Together with optimizing your web pages with targetted search terms link popularity is one of the most valuable marketing techniques designed to bring quality traffic to your site.

If you are serious about raising the profile of your web site and sourcing targetted traffic then Mozzle Link Popularity can show you where your site currently stands and allow you to monitor it throughout your search engine optimization process.

Website Value

Mozzle Link Popularity check can assist you in determining the value of a "developed" web site. High link popularity is often a mark of quality, and as such should be considered in the overall web site value. The inclusion of the web site in the Yahoo and DMOZ directories is also a good indicator.

For a web site to be listed in DMOZ it has been evaluated by a human and determined to be of good quality and nature suitable for a niche category. To get listed in the Yahoo directory a listing fee of almost $300 must be paid. A web site that is already included in the Yahoo directory has already been through the listing process and therefore has immediate value.

In addition to calculating the link popularity in 8 major search engines and checking directory listing status in Yahoo and DMOZ Mozzle Link Popularity can also retrieve the Alexa Traffic Rank. This ranking indicates how much web traffic that the web site receives in comparison with all other web sites. A good ranking (low rank score) means more traffic. A value of 1 would mean that the web site receives the most traffic of any web site (this spot is often taken by popular web sites such as Microsoft or Yahoo).

If you are considering purchasing an existing web site or a domain name that has recently expired or is about to expire then Mozzle Link Popularity is an invaluable tool.

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