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Must Have Unique Features Not Found in ANY Other Software!

This page lists 18 MUST HAVE advanced features in Domain Name Pro that are not found in any other domain name software. In addition to these Domain Name Pro also includes dozens more fantastic features which are more advanced and easier to use than other domain name software.

1) Word Terms Search

Looking for domain names based on popular search phrases? The Word Terms search in Domain Name Pro provides wildcard searching in a database of 500,000 popular search phrases. For example, three of the many popular phrases generated by Domain Name Pro to use as the domain name:

Your Search Domain Name Pro Generates
smart* smart card
smart page
smart money
*money unclaimed money
free money
make money
*video* digital video recorder
funny video clip
used video game

2) Whois Search

Retrieve bulk whois data on all domain names searched for custom processing, such as extraction of contact details. View all domain name whois details in a single view. Copy to the clipboard or save to file for processing.

3) Automatic Popular Alternative Domain Names

When you search for domain names Domain Name Pro can automatically generate alternative domain names based on popular search phrases. The Simple, Word Terms and Advanced searches provide automatic popular alternative domain names. For example:

Your Search Domain Name Pro Automatically Checks

4) Domain Name Search Term Popularity Ratings

Using an in-built database of 500,000 popular search phrases from major search engines Domain Name Pro can display a search term popularity rating for each domain name generated.

Domain Name Pro matches the domain names with these search terms and generates a popularity rating indicating the popularity of the words in the domain name.

5) Fast Searches

All of the searches in Domain Name Pro are optimized to reduce the amount of data sent and received which reduces bandwidth and increases performance. Multi-threaded (simultaneous) searching avoids latency delays between a search and the associated response. The search performance is configurable for your Internet connection speed.

Results can reach over 1000 domain names checked per minute! (512kbps ADSL)

6) Web Site Competition Ratings

Web site competition ratings are just as important as seach term popularity ratings. The web site competition rating indicates the number of web sites that contain the words used in the domain name, providing some insight into the number of web sites that could potentially be competing with yours.

7) Domain Name Effectiveness Index™

The domain name effectiveness index (DNEI)™ is a combined score based on the search term popularity rating and web site competition rating and is quite similar to the keyword effectiveness index (KEI) used in search engine optimization. Domain Name Pro uses a slightly different formula for the DNEI than the traditional KEI, designed to show the real value of a domain name.

The general rule is that a domain name containing popular words and with little competition is more valuable and would attract more targetted traffic than a domain name containing unpopular words and with high competition.

8) Thesaurus / Word Alternative Lexicon

A fantastic brainstorming tool, the thesaurus / word alternative lexicon in Domain Name Pro contains more than 100,000 alternatives to 11,000 common words. Domain Name Pro can automatically generate domain names and keywords using alternative words related to your search. For example:

Your Search Domain Name Pro Automatically Checks

9) Net Speak™

Marketers today are often using "catchy" spellings of regular words for the names of products and services. Domain Name Pro can automatically generate alternative spellings for the words in the domain name. For example:

Your Search Domain Name Pro Automatically Checks

10) Automatic Acronyms

If you are searching for a domain name for a long business or organization name then Domain Name Pro can automatically check the domain name for the acronym as well. For example:

Your Search Domain Name Pro Automatically Checks

11) Custom Domain Selections

Domain Name Pro automatically remembers your search settings the next time that you use it. If you're a professional domain name hunter then you may often change the selected domains that you wish to search in, for example .com, .org, .net and .info at one time and .com, .us, and .biz at other times.

With Domain Name Pro the domains list is color-coded, allowing you to easily recognize which domains are global, popular and unrestricted, and see others grouped into their country-code top-level domain, such as all .uk domains. Any domain selections that you make can be saved and later loaded back, allowing you to easily swap between your search preferences.

12) Checks Minimum Domain Name Lengths

Domain Name Pro knows the limitations of each domain and can check that the minimum requirements are met. For example, .biz domain names must be at least three characters long. Some other software products display shorter domain names as available, wasting your time in attempting to register them.

13) Pause and Resume

Domain Name Pro allows you to perform long searches, sometimes checking thousands of domain names for you. Due to the volume of information that Domain Name Pro needs to send and receive to the Internet it is often desirable to pause searches whilst you are performing other tasks on the Internet such as browsing the web or sending email, and later resume the search. The Pause/Resume feature in Domain Name Pro is as simple as clicking a button.

Additionally, Domain Name Pro can play a sound when the search is complete, letting you know when your long search has finished.

14) Multiple Domain Name Display Fomats

Domain Name Pro provides three domain name display formats:, domain and, selectable in the display options depending on your preference, and allows you to more easily scan over the list of domain names looking for suitable names.

15) Domain Name News

Mozzle news is integrated into Domain Name Pro and keeps you up-to-date with major international domain name news and articles. Just click on a news headline displayed to read the full article on the web.

16) Compact Availability Results Format

Domain Name Pro uses a unique search results format for quick domain name availability checking which is both compact and easy to read. The results are displayed in a table format with each domain name on a new line and each domain checked in its own column. By using this format you can easily see which suitable domain names are available in the domains selected.

17) Include Links Within The Web Site

Link popularity searches can optionally include links within the web site, making the search great for search engine optimization.

18) Include Link Popularity Links Without the www Sub-Domain

Two types of links can be counted: Links to and links to This provides a more correct indicator of link popularity.


Optional and Mandatory Words

The advanced search in Domain Name Pro allows you to specify which words in the domain name are optional and which are mandatory (must be included). This enables Domain Name Pro to find the shortest available domain name that matches your search. For example a florist might indicate that the word flowers must be included in the domain name and that additional words such as fresh, send, or online are optional.

Filter Results

After a long search of hundreds or thousands of domain names you are often only interested in a sub-set of the results. Domain Name Pro allows you to filter the results by domain name availability, search term popularity, or for specific words in the domain name, hiding all results that do not match. This allows you to quickly narrow-in on the best domain names.

And Much More!

Did you know that in an objective review of the top 6 domain name programs Domain Name Pro is the best (or equal best) in 56 out of 63 features? The nearest competitor scores just 20!

For more information, screen-shots, or online demonstrations visit the Domain Name Pro pages, or simply Purchase Domain Name Pro.


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