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Simple Domain Name Search

We will describe how to perform a simple search. You can click on linked terms within this page to see more detail about the features discussed.

The quickest way to start looking for domain names is to use the simple search. It can be as simple as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Select one or more domains to search (or select none to simply see the domain names that will be generated).
  2. Enter or load one or more search terms (words, character sequences or even a full domain name - without the extension).
  3. Click the Search! button.

These steps are shown in the following screenshot.

Simple Search
(click to enlarge)

Domain Name Pro will search for combinations of domain names using the search terms that you entered. By default all words entered will be used and in the same approximate order, the domain names searched will use up to three thesaurus alternatives to the words that you entered, will not use hyphens, will not use Net SpeakT, will not search Acronyms, and will have a maximum of three words, a maximum length of twenty characters, and a maximum of 200 results will be displayed. These settings can be altered if required.

The Use all words option will only generate domain names that contain all words entered (or their alternatives) in the search field. The Keep approximate order option is available when the Use all words option is selected. It will keep the entered words in the same approximate order (only the middle words will be swapped around). These two options are enabled by default.

You can pause or stop the search at any time. Once the search is finished you can click a domain name marked as Available! (as an underlined web hyperlink) to go to a domain name registration site to register it now, or look through the results at your leisure, sort them, print them, export them to a text file, CSV, or HTML file, browse to the registered domain names, or perform a trademark search of the domain names displayed.

A simple search is equivalent to performing an advanced search where each word is entered into a separate word group, with all word groups set to a position of Anywhere, all word groups set to Optional, and all word groups set to the same number of thesaurus alternatives. This means that all search terms entered will be checked in all possible combinations. This is sometimes not desireable, and therefore the simple search will sometimes display domain names that don't meet your requirements. You can simply ignore these domain names in the results table, or for more control use the advanced search.

You can save and load the word list entered into the simple search term from the File menu or alternatively from the popup menu for the search term.


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