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Domain Name Pro Search Technology

The advanced domain name brainstorming and searching features in Domain Name Pro are leading-edge. No other product even comes close. To explain how the Domain Name Pro domain name search engine works let's take a look at a very simple example.

Suppose that you are starting an advertising company in the UK, and you have an idea for the company name - "Dynamic Marketing". You want to register the same name in either the .com or domains. Unfortunately and are both taken. Here's where Domain Name Pro steps in.

You run Domain Name Pro and select the .com and domains in the domains list, and select the Advanced Search (which provides specific options for the structure of the domain name). You enter "dynamic" in Word Group A and "marketing" in Word Group B (note that you could list several additional words in each group if you choose).

You set the Word Group A position as "Start", as Mandatory, and 8 thesaurus alternatives, and set the Word Group B position as "End", as Mandatory, and 8 thesaurus alternatives. You also set the maximum length to 30 and the maximum number of results to 500 (or select All Results) in the general search options. You then click the Search! button.

Here is how the Domain Name Pro domain name engine will find the ultimate domain names:

Mozzle Pro Domain Name Search Engine

The 6 main modules in the Domain Name Pro domain name search engine expand the list of domain names to 600! Using the default search performance setting for a 56Kbps modem Internet connection the search is complete in just 62 seconds!

Of the 600 domain names checked 167 are taken and 433 are available (as at 08-Jun-2001). Clicking the .com and column headings sorts the results by availability and some of the great and available domain names found are: (active business/buy)

Extend Your Creative Ability - Domain Name Pro has extended your creative ability by generating domain names that you would have never thought of!

Check Domain Names in a Flash - Domain Name Pro has also checked all 600 domain names for availability in just one minute!

These two facts alone have enabled you to find the ultimate domain names, and has saved you many, many hours of time in manually devising a list of potential names and checking them using traditional web based services.

Use Domain Name Pro to develop a great name for your product, service, company, business, production, or organization and secure the same domain name, or use Domain Name Pro to find the best available domain name for your existing product, service, company, business, production or organization.

The Domain Name Search Engine In Detail

Thesaurus Module

Using a lexicon of more than 110,000 alternatives to 11,000 root words, Domain Name Pro creates hundreds (and even thousands) of potential domain names using combinations of these words. This lexicon was created specifically for Domain Name Pro and is based on Roget's Thesaurus and a custom developed list of the 50,000 most commonly used words on the Internet. The number of thesaurus alternatives to use for each word is user selectable.

Hyphens Module

The hyphens module can place hyphens between words used in the domain name. This is user definable and options for Never, Always, and Optional (with and without hyphens) are selectable.

Net Speak(tm) Module

Using a custom-built word morphing technique based on an analysis of alternative spellings of words used on the Internet, Domain Name Pro can generate similar-souding domain names. Some simple examples of this are quick-->kwik, sales-->salez, and fortunate-->4tun8.

Acronyms Module

Want a short domain name? Domain Name Pro can automatically generate acronyms of each domain name based on the first letter in each word/part used in the name. Each acronym is only generated once to minimize the results and search time.

Constraints Module

The constraints module contains many complex rules for the domain name generation. It obeys user settings including the maximum number of words/parts to use in the domain name, the maximum length, and how many results to search. The Advanced Search also contains settings for the position of the words/parts in the domain name and whether the words/parts are optional or mandatory.

The constraints module allows you to easily weed out unsuitable domain names and concentrate on the best ones. The constraints module is included in both Domain Name Pro and Domain Name Std, and sets our domain name tools apart from the other domain name generation tools.

Domains Module

Over 400 domains are provided with Domain Name Pro and Domain Name Std; more than any other product. Simply select which domains to use for your search from the list, or save and load your own custom selections.

Live Query Engine

Unlike other products that perform most queries though just a few domain name database servers, Domain Name Pro queries the correct domain name database server for each domain. This makes the searches as fast as possible.

Because each query must travel across the Internet to the correct domain name database server and back again each query takes a finite amount of time. It is therefore possible to perform multiple queries simultaneously on a given Internet connection bandwidth (speed).

The live query engine in Domain Name Pro and Domain Name Std is a multi-threaded co-ordinated lookup of domain name details and availability. The search performance is user-selectable and sets the number of simultaneous requests that will be performed.

Domain Name Results

The results of the live queries are displayed in an intuitive and easy-to read table. The availability of the domain names is immediately apparent. Domain names that are available can be directly registered for almost 100 domains simply by clicking the availability status. Reliable and inexpensive domain name registrars have been pre-selected. Convenient and fast!

If you want to view the details of the domain name simply right-click and select Display Details.

In summary, Domain Name Pro contains many advanced features that will ensure that you find the best domain names quickly and easily, allowing you to register them before anyone else.

The pattern search in Domain Name Pro includes an equally powerful search engine to the one displayed above. Complex logic allows you to search for virtually any domain name imaginable.


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