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Domain Name Pattern/Character Search

The pattern search allows you to easily check combinations of domain names based on characters or word parts. Some examples of its use include checking all three character domain names, checking all four or five character pronouncable domain names, checking for all domain names that start with a particular word and end in two digits, or check for domain names consisting of a specific combination of alternative and or optional characters or word fragments.

The following steps are involved in performing a detailed advanced search:

  1. Select one or more domains to search (or select none to simply see the domain names that will be generated).
  2. Enter or load the search pattern, and use wildcards, alternative parts, or optional parts.
  3. Change any of the general search options, such as use of hyphens, Net SpeakT, or the maximum number of words or maximum length., or the maximum number of results.
  4. Click the Search! button.

An example advanced search is shown in the following screenshot.

Pattern Search
(click to enlarge)

A wildcard is a special character that denotes that all characters in a specific list should be checked. Simply place one of the following wildcard characters anywhere in the pattern to have Mozzle check the domain name with all possibilities:

X - Any valid character (a-z, 0-9, '-')
Y - Any alphanumeric character (a-z, 0-9, not '-')
A - Any alphabetical character (a-z)
C - Any consonant alphabetical character (b, c, d, f, ... z)
V - Any vowel alphabetical character (a, e, i, o ,u)
N - Any numeric character (0-9)

Optional parts in the pattern are enclosed in parentheses (). Alternative parts in the pattern are enclosed in square brackets [ ] and separated by a forward slash /. Thus an optional wildcard of any character can be specified as (X) for example.

Example patterns:

Pattern Description
[jump/walk/surf]([s/er/ed/ing]) This pattern would check domain names such as jump, walk, surf, jumps, jumper, jumped, jumping, walks, walker, walked, and so on.
[c[a/c/(u)g](a)/ac[a/c/(u)g]] If you were looking for a domain name with an acronym for your car club, located in Australia, you might try this pattern, which will find acronyms for names like Car Association, Car Club, Car Group, Car Users Group, Car Association of Australia, Car Club of Australia, Australian Car Association, Australian Car Users Group, and so on.

You can stop the search at any time. Once the search is finished you can click a domain name marked as Available! (as an underlined web hyperlink) to go to a domain name registration site to register it now, or look through the results at your leisure, sort them, print them, export them to a text file, CSV, or HTML file, browse to the registered domain names, or perform a trademark search (Domain Name Pro) on the domain names displayed.

You can save and load patterns from the File menu or alternatively from the popup menu for the pattern term.


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