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Domain Name Search and Link Popularity Software

Domain Name Pro Overview

In order to find the ultimate domain names Mozzle Domain Name Pro includes several searches:

Search Type Search Settings Advantages
Direct A list of domain names or web URL's. Quick searches when you know the full domain names to check. Ability to extract domain names from any text or file.
Simple One or more words for the domain name. The quickest and easiest.
Word Terms A list of words in each domain name and/or a wildcard search using the * character. Easily search predetermined domain names and find domain names and web site keywords from popular search terms.
Advanced Separate groups of alternative words to use in the domain name. Each word group can be placed at a specific position in the domain name. Custom lists of related words. Positioning control. Individual settings for each word in the domain name.
Pattern A domain name containing wildcard characters (any letter, number, consonant, vowel and so on). Ultimate control over the domain names generated.
Whois Details A list of domain names or web URL's. Displays full WHOIS (contact) details for each domain name.

The simple and advanced searches are word-based searches and provide settings for the number of automatic thesaurus alternatives to use for each word given, options for the maximum number of words to use in the domain names generated, how to use hyphens in the domain names, and optional automatic acronyms.

The pattern search is a character-based search with 6 wildcards and allows you to specify optional and alternative parts in the domain name.

The Simple, Advanced and Pattern searches also allow automatic alternative domain name spellings using Net SpeakT, and settings for the maximum domain name length and number of domain names to check.

The Simple, Word Terms, Advanced and Pattern searches follow four main steps:

  1. Select the domains to search in (such as .com, .info and
  2. Enter the search term (words, word groups, or character pattern).
  3. Select optional settings.
  4. Click the Search button to begin domain name generation with availability checking.

The search results are displayed in a table format with each domain name generated displayed on a separate row and the domains selected with availability displayed in each column for the domain names. The following screenshot displays a typical Advanced search, demonstrating several of the standard search options such as word groupings with placement, optional/mandatory status and word thesaurus/lexicon alternatives.

Advanced domain name search
(Click to Enlarge)

From the right-click popup menu in the results table you can register available domain names, browse to the web site of registered domain names, copy and export the results, perform a trademark search on the domain name, display the WHOIS details for a selected domain name, and print the results.


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