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Domain Name Search and Link Popularity Software

Domain Name Pro - Benefits

  • Find the ULTIMATE domain names - Use the advanced domain name search features to automatically search hundreds of great domain names. A more prominent domain name will establish your web site as high-profile and focused, and attract and keep more customers. The search term popularity ratings and link popularity search will help identify more popular domain names.
  • Save time - Search hundreds of viable domain names in the same time that you could only manually check a few. Time is money. For around the cost of a single domain name registration you can maximize the potential of the Internet. Beat your competition to the best domain names.
  • Convenience - Find the best domain names right from your desktop. Save searches and search results, produce printed reports, use custom word lists, view full domain name details, browse to domain name web sites. You can directly perform trademark searches and even register the available domain names that you find!
  • Keep Informed - Built-in domain name news headlines with direct web links highlight the breaking domain name stories around the world.
  • Privacy - Did you know that many domain name registration and searching web sites track the domain names that people are searching for and in some cases even publish a list of the top searches publicly? Query the domain name database directly with no intermediate system to spy on your searches.

If you are in one of the following categories then you should consider Mozzle Domain Name Pro.

Domain Name Investors If you buy and sell domain names for profit then Mozzle Domain Name Pro is ideal. Find high quality domain names with great potential for return.
Companies Developing Products or Services Mozzle Domain Name Pro can help you to find the best domain names for your products or services. Mozzle Domain Name Pro can even help you develop a name for your product or service!
Small Businesses and Organizations Create an Internet presence. Mozzle Domain Name Pro can save you many hours of time finding the right business and domain name. Register the domain name with the appropriate domain name registrar simply by clicking on the available domain name!
Web Development Firms and Contractors Add value to your services by assisting with, or suggesting, domain names for your customers!
Web Hosts and Internet Service Providers You have existing customers that want to personalize their web site or home page. Help them to take the step from to!
Domain Name Registrars Your customers are in the domain name game. Add a "suggest a domain name" service to your offerings to put you ahead of the competition!
Also consider the Mozzle Affiliate Program to earn direct sales referral fees and increase your domain name registrations.

Why Use a Domain Name Search Tool?

It can take many hours to think of good domain names and many more simply checking them manually with online web sites, only to find that the good domain names are already registered. Without Mozzle Domain Name Pro this is a very time consuming and very restricted process. By using Mozzle Domain Name Pro however, you can automatically check hundreds or even thousands of potential domain names with ease, exporting the results to HTML or printing the results to present them for discussion to your boss/colleagues. Mozzle Domain Name Pro also becomes an extension to your creative naming ability by generating great domain names that you would not have thought of.

Whether you're a large corporation or a one-person shop people today expect you to have a Web presence. For many people it is the first place that they look for information regarding products, services, interests, or just general information about a particular topic.

A good domain name (usually associated with your company, business, service or product name) is essential to any online business.

Unfortunately it is difficult today to find a good available domain name, particularly in popular domains such as .com, .de, or Over 30 million .com, .net and .org domain names have been registered already and experts predict 1 billion registered domain names within 5 years! Additionally, when new domains are released there is always a sudden rush to register the best domain names.

Mozzle Domain Name Pro is the solution to the domain name problem. It enables you to easily find great available domain names. By querying domain name registry databases directly, Mozzle Domain Name Pro is fast, convenient and up-to-date. Mozzle Domain Name Pro contains many essential features for finding the ultimate domain names not found in any other product. See the feature comparison page for full details.

The advanced search options, custom word lists and thesaurus in Mozzle Domain Name Pro give you the most powerful and flexible domain name brainstorming and searching available. See the product feature comparison table for a full list of Mozzle Domain Name Pro features and comparison with other products.

Mozzle Feature Benefits


The built-in automatic word thesaurus (lexicon) in Mozzle Domain Name Pro includes 110,000 alternatives to more than 11,000 words. The search engine search term database includes the top 500,000 terms from a list of almost 4 million terms. These two features alone allow you to find related and popular domain names quickly and easily.

If you were to search for a domain name with the words "home loan" Mozzle Domain Name Pro can automatically search for similar domain names such as "home credit", "equity home loan", "home loan calculator", "personal loan", "home loan mortgage", "home lend" and many more related domain names. The closest matching domain names are generated and searched first.

An indicative search engine popularity rating can be calculated for each domain name, and the web link popularity of registered domain names can be retireved, providing information to assist you to choose the best domain name.


The advanced word search and pattern search provide unequaled control over domain name searching. The advanced word search allows you to use natural word groups, and supports independent settings for positioning, optional/mandatory status, and thesaurus alternatives.

The direct US, UK and Canadian trademark searches can provide an indication of ownership of generated domain names before you register.


Domain Name Pro is just US$64.95 and adds powerful advanced features to find the ultimate domain names before someone else does! Registered users receive FREE upgrades to the software and FREE updates to the domains list and link popularity search engines list.

Don't pay up to US$150.00 for a product without advanced domain name features. Don't get stuck with upgrade fees!

See the feature comparison page for an overview of the major competing products.


Domain names are generated dynamically and searched automatically. With one click you can go to the registration page of available domain names for almost 100 of the most popular domains, allowing you to register the domain name right away!

Search results are listed in a natural and easy to read format.


Dedicated domain name database servers are queried using multiple simultaneous connections. The search performance is user configurable. Using the 56Kbps Internet connection search performance setting (the default), over 500 .com domain names can be searched per minute in real time!

(Note: This is a very typical result - we average around 620 per minute on this setting and more than 1,100 per minute on a DSL connection. Search performance varies according to many factors including your geographical location to the domain name database servers, the current load on the servers, the quality of your Internet connection, the bandwidth of your Internet service providers connection to the Internet backbone, and to a much lesser extent your PC hardware setup)

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