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Mozzle Affiliate Program - Affiliate Links

There are two types of affiliate links, direct links and hidden graphic tracking links. Which type that you use is entirely up to you (you can use both if you like).

In both cases we track visitors from your site for 3 months. This means that even if they return to our site days, weeks or months later to purchase one of our products, such as after the 30-day free trial period for example, we still pay you the referral fees.

Your affiliate ID is automatically retrieved from the visitors cookie when they use our purchase page and passed to the order processing system. We take care of their entire shopping experience: fulfillment, customer service, registration, and support, and we track the sales generated from your site. You have online access to your sales reports.

Direct Links

Direct links contain your unique affiliate ID and allow us to track your visitors when they click the link to go to our web site. Direct links have the following format:

Replace AffiliateID with the unique affiliate ID assigned to you upon completion of your affiliate application. For example, the following link, Mozzle Website Tools, uses a direct link with the example affiliate ID of 123456.

When the visitor clicks through a direct link we start tracking them (using standard web browser cookie technology) and then automatically and immediately redirect them to the Mozzle web site home page, This masks the affiliate link by hiding the affiliate ID from the browsers address bar.

Hidden Graphic Tracking Links

Hidden Graphic Tracking Links allow us to start tracking your visitors even before they are directed to our web site. You include a visible or invisible graphic image link to us on your web site which contains your unique affiliate ID. This starts our tracking of your visitor (using standard web browser cookie technology). You then include regular links to our site for your visitors to click through. These do not need to contain your affiliate ID as we have already started tracking the visitor.

Some visitors don't like the idea of affiliate ID's in links and will manually copy and paste links into their browsers address bar, removing the affiliate ID. The advantage of hidden graphic tracking links is that we track them as soon as the graphic image is requested from our site and then all visible links to our site don't need to contain the affiliate ID.

Hidden graphic tracking links display an image using the following format:

  <img src="">

For example, there are two hidden graphic tracking links shown below using the example affiliate ID of 123456, one is visible (b=4) and the other is invisible (b=5). You could use either of these or any of the other visible images that we provide (b=1,2,3).

So in this example we've already started tracking you using the example affiliate ID of 123456. You can use a normal (non-affiliate) link to the Mozzle web site around the visible image (as used above) or anywhere in the text of the page, such as great website tools. The graphic images allow us to track the visitors and therefore the affiliate ID is not required in the clickable links on your page.

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